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Every month we publish a newspaper full of our latest products, news about design, insights about us and puzzles to pass the time of day. You can also get a sneaky peak of what’s in store next month. Pick up your free copy of Halløj in your nearest Flying Tiger Copenhagen store.

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Spring has sprung and birds are singing

We've learned our lessons parrot fashion and gone all out on the colours. You'll fly through the summer in style with new statement accessories for the home office. Add wings to your words in your new notebook and highlight the spring's latest projects.

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Under blue skies

Are you thirsty for sun and summer? We've squeezed the lemon and packed for a picnic al fresco. Perfect for getting some wind under your wings.

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Don't forget the fun and games

We'll take up the ball and, on our whistle, nature will be our playground. Run and jump, throw and catch, play and learn. We'll play for fun till the sun goes down. You're as welcome as the flowers in May.

Mobile phone accessories

Travel companions

On your way? We've swooped ahead and found just what you need for the journey. So, just relax and catch a few winks under the straw hat. We'll be taking off shortly.

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See all the crazy ways people from around the whole world find to use Flying Tiger Copenhagen’s products. 

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