Our Brand

Full of surprises

Flying Tiger Copenhagen is a global Danish design chain. But we are not just selling products. We want to surprise, to inspire and to make you smile. We believe that relationships and experience are what make people happy. This is why our products encourage playfulness, creativity and social activity. It is not the ball, but the game you play with you love ones that matters.

Our Products

Something for every occasion

You are always on our minds when we pick up products for our stores. At Flying Tiger Copenhagen 300 new products find their way to the stores every month; from party pieces, home décor and kids’ toys to gadget gear, great gifts and award-winning design. At surprisingly affordable prices - we want you to feel rich when you walk out of our stores.

Our Stores

A playground of fun

When you walk through our stores, you are on a treasure hunt. Flying Tiger Copenhagen is a maze full of fun, surprises and colourful products. We like to turn every day into something special and to put a smile on your face. Come and say hello - we can’t wait to meet you!

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Our Name

A curious creature

Our name, Flying Tiger Copenhagen, expresses our playfulness, our wish to surprise and our Danish heritage. The hand cut letters and the wiggly eyes are inspired by our own design. They express our creativity and bring a humorous touch.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

It's about caring

You may wonder if our products have been produced in respect of ethical, environmental and social standards?

We strive to do things the right way and to be transparent: our dedicated Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) team runs a social compliance program and ensures that all our standards are respected in the manufacturing process of our products.

Acting responsible and with integrity is deeply engrained in Flying Tiger Copenhagen; it is part of our DNA to do things the right way.

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